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Handbag Restoration and Repairs

Luxury designer goods definitely don’t come cheap. More often than not, these leather items can cost an arm and a leg. As these can be passed from one generation to another, keeping these purses and handbags in pristine condition should be prioritised with the help of a reliable handbag cleaning Brisbane provider. This way, your precious belongings can last for years and years.

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We Value Your Precious Things

Handbag Restoration!

 Do you have an old favourite with sentimental value? Despite your best care and attention is it looking its age just through use? We value your favourite leather products and refresh them to make them as new again. 

Highly Trained Experts

Our team is highly trained in all aspects of leather cleaning, repair and polishing to make your bag look like new. Using the latest equipment and advanced products we treat your bag like a privileged spa guest, cleaning and refreshing in a professional manner. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to taking the greatest care in order to make your bag like new. We will take the time to professionally inspect and assess your precious bag’s renewal needs and discuss and agree with you what can be achieved to match your needs and budget.

Why Trust Brisbane Bag Spa

As one of Brisbane’s finest bag restoration provider, we take pride in cleaning various types of bags and leather goods using only the finest anti-bacterial and leather-friendly products on the market. From handbags, purses to backpacks, our luxury leather cleaning services are simply unparalleled.

Our company is committed to offering a comprehensive handbag cleaning Brisbane service designed to address both the interior and exterior of all bag types. Through our meticulous process, your bag will feel fresh and brand new both on the inside and the outside.

Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with years of training and experience in the industry. They specialise in dealing with luxury designer brands, genuine leather and other types of materials including lambskin, calfskin, nubuck, crocodile skin, snakeskin, suede, cloth and more. With their painstaking approach to handling and working with a variety of leather goods, we promise to bring back your purse better than ever before.

Why Trust Brisbane Bag Spa

No matter how careful and cautious you are in handling your handbags and purses, chances are stains and accidents are inevitable, leading for your bag to become battered and dirty over time. Of these, the most common problems of our clients include:

Pen and ink marks staining
the inside of the bag

Food and drink stains, usually
from greasy and oily dishes
as well as tannins in coffee

Cosmetic stains from
lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow
pencil and the like


Dye transfer from jeans

Brisbane Bag Spa is pleased to bring its customers a complete line-up of offerings and services. Intended to cater your bag’s needs at all times, we ensure to do more than just the basic handbag cleaning Brisbane service.
Our team of experts are well-versed in removing ink, stains, colour restoration and colour change services. Aside from these, our employees are also dedicated to providing seamless corner and edging repairs, stitching services and zip replacement repairs. We also offer hardware replacement services if needed, as well as stones, beads and other ornamental replacements.

Special Cleaning Solutions

Brisbane Bag Spa has also pledged in using special cleaning solutions that are aimed to perfectly complement each leather handbag’s different composition, fibres, and materials. By using pH-balanced cleansing products on your items, we ensure that the original condition of your purse is brought back to life in a safe and effective manner.

By using anti-bacterial products, our company goes above and beyond disinfecting your bags. Through these environmentally-friendly goods, our handbag cleaning Brisbane professionals see to it that all harmful moulds and bacteria are removed, thereby preserving the structure and condition of your items. Doing so takes away the bad odours of your purse as well as the stains that have long been lodged in the edges.

We also use the best cleaning goods available in the industry including top-of-the-line polishes and refinishes. This ensures added protection and sheen to your newly repaired bag.
Have your leather goods and purses cleaned at Brisbane Bag Spa today. We are more than happy to restore your beloved possessions back to life. For more information about our company, feel free to call our hotline today or to check out our website.

With our help, you can give your arm candy the facelift it deserves.