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Exceptional Handbag Repair Brisbane

For years, we made it possible to bring back the charm and life of handbags and purse. By continuously refining our craft and being committed to every project, we are able to serve customers at the best of our abilities. Our mantra is simple and that is to always find a solution to minor and major handbag issues. Be it discoloration, stains, UV damage or deformation, our team can handle it.

At Brisbane Bag Spa, you can guarantee top-tier handbag repair in Brisbane. Our treatments are extensive, as we believe that each bag deserves a thorough assessment and care to fix impaired materials.

Common Repair Services Include:

Hardware repair
Scuffled leather
Worn out corners
Lining repairs
Handle repairs
Stain removal

Making the visible, invisible

Handbags have a tough job that is to carry all your items in one place. Due to constant usage, the material can be damaged because of accidental liquid spills, dirt absorption from the floor and other surfaces and the list go on.

Our job is to make the visible invisible so your purse can look almost brand-new. For the repair, our team conducts a full assessment to find out the right treatments for the bag.

For tarnished metals, buffing the material is enough to make it shiny. However, if cracks are already visible, we can recommend a complete replacement of the metal hardware.

Deforming and stitching are also done to restore the built of the handbag. Experienced personnel handle this issue and return the bag to the owners with a new and improved look.

Dark and greasy-looking handles also need to be attended. We perform degreasing and apply the special product to loosen the dirt and grease that’s making the handles look dark. Multiple applications are needed to restore the original colour and sanitise the material.

Remove Traces of Wear And Tear With Brisbane Handbag Repair

Scuffled leather, worn out corners and exposed piping are the worst things that can happen to your precious purse. If these are already ruining the look of the bag, we are here to help. Piping repair is easy because we use specialised techniques to coat the damaged part. As for the scuffled leather, we treat the material to remove scratches and make the surface smooth-looking.

Fading is another major issue when it comes to leather materials. Usually caused by UV light exposure and rainwater, the colour of the leather is washed away. Once it’s there, no amount of cleaning can restore the original look of the bag. What we do is a full colour restoration that matches the original leather. It won’t make the handbag look different because we select the colour that’s similar to the original leather.

Conditioning and Final Touches

At Brisbane Bag Spa, we don’t just fix the problem but also add final touches so bags shine beautifully. We will take care of the interior and exterior parts to ensure that flaws are attended to. Our team of experts inspect the handbag for final touches and apply necessary pigment and moisturiser if needed.

Get the VIP treatment

Just like how we treat your handbags, we also make sure that you will be assisted throughout the process. From enquiry to deciding the best treatment for your purse, we’ll walk you through without leaving any detail behind.

You can request a quote online to find out the average price of the service. Provide all the details in the form so we can get back to you with precise pricing. However, we recommend that you visit us for a complete assessment and final quotation.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0418-731093.